Red flags when dating men: valuable warnings

Finding true love is a goal that interests us deeply. When we start dating a man we like, we get excited that he might be the one to start a stable relationship. We want so much to develop a lasting bond that we don’t see the flaws in the man we are meeting. That’s why it’s important to be realistic and see the other one as he is. If we come to the conclusion that he is not the right man for us, it is better to end the relationship and wait for a new opportunity in love. You should be aware of any behavior that indicates that he does not want to be in a stable relationship. You should also stay away from men who are disrespectful and who have not had a good education.

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  • HE DOESN’T WANT TO LABEL THE RELATIONSHIP: you are just getting to know each other but he already tells you that he doesn’t want to label the relationship. The reality is that it’s too early to say anything like that. What he really wants to tell you is that he doesn’t want to be in a stable couple.
  • HE IS STINGY: when you go out together you each pay half of each outing. You realize that he would like you to pay for everything so he saves money. He never tips, you have to take care of that. He always buys the cheapest thing in any circumstance. Run away from that man immediately. He is a cheap and miserable man. You are going to have a very bad time with him
  • IMBALANCE: since they are getting to know each other, it is clear that you are more interested in stabilizing their bond than he is. You make plans, you want to envision a future together, you want to see it more often. He behaves differently from you: he is apatic, everything is the same to him. The best thing you can do is separate yourself from him and look for a man who vibrates at the same frequency as you.
  • HE DOES NOT REVEAL IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF HIS LIFE TO YOU: You have been dating for three months and you discover that he hides important aspects of his life from you. For example: he didn’t tell you that he has a child from a previous partner, he has an important debt with the tax authorities, he was fired from his job a month ago, etc. You find out about these facts from other people. When you face him, he doesn’t know what to tell you. He is not a trustworthy man, stay away from him.
  • YOUR FRIENDS DON’T LIKE HIM: your friends already know your boyfriend and they’ve told you privately that they don’t like him. They have seen negative attitudes of Him towards you. Basically they think he’s not a nice guy. Your friends tell you you deserve better.
  • BAD HABITS: from the beginning you realize that He follows several harmful habits that you don’t share. You always see him smoking, as soon as he leaves work he goes to a bar to drink alcohol, eats too much and doesn’t do any physical activity. This behavior indicates a weak personality, as he needs external and harmful stimulus such as tobacco, junk food and alcohol. What’s most convenient is for you to stay away from him. It wouldn’t be good if you’d follow bad habits, too.
  • AGGRESSIVENESS: you guys have known each other recently, but he’s already yelled at you, insulted you, and belittled you. Get away from him right now, you never stand the violence of a man. If he came to physically assault you, report it immediately to the police.
  • EXCESSIVE CONTROL: Ever since they met, you’ve noticed that he has certain attitudes that you don’t like. He criticizes the way you dress, calls you on your cell phone all the time, checks your social networks, doesn’t like you snhowing time with your friends, among other attitudes. That behavior indicates that he is too controlling. Nothing you do is going to satisfy him and you’ll always feel missing. Don’t relate to a man like that, there’ll never be trust between you.
  • HE DOESN’T WANT TO FORMALIZE THE RELATIONSHIP ON SOCIAL MEDIA: you’ve been dating for several months and he doesn’t want to formalize the relationship you have on social media. He indicates that he is single in his Facebook and Instagram accounts. When you face him for this question, he tells you that he prefers to preserve his love life in private. It is likely that He is flirting with several women and therefore prefers to be available. Don’t be next to a man who’s unreliable.
  • EXCESSIVE EGO: Every time they go out together he tells you how fabulous he is. He claims to have a long list of virtues. He thinks he’s the center of the world and gets angry when he doesn’t get special treatment. This kind of man only thinks of themselves and will treat you like you’re their fanatic.
  • HIS “EX”: the man you’re meeting remembers his ex-girlfriend on every date. He criticizes her and says she’d never be with a woman like that again. This is a sign that he still couldn’t forget her, even if he criticized her. He should also know that it’s in bad education to talk about previous relationships when you’re meeting someone.

Final thoughts

RED FLAGS WHEN DATING MEN serve as a warning not to get involved in a relationship that will not satisfy you in any way. If you notice that he is clearly behaving negatively, don’t hesitate to walk away from him. Most unpleasant attitudes get worse over time. Don’t be in a hurry to find the right man for you. It’s best to just relax and enjoy being single. Surely within your environment there is a man who is compatible with you and wants the same thing as you: a stable relationship. Now you can give love another chance.