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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Killed on Blueberry Hill

Publish Date10/30/2018
Format Paperback

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It’s peak tourist season in Oriole Point, Michigan—the blueberry buckle of the fruit belt. Nothing draws the crowds quite like their annual carnival. And nothing turns it sour faster than murder . . .

The Blueberry Blow Out festival has begun and it’s time for Marlee Jacob, owner of The Berry Basket, to shine. Unfortunately it’s also bringing out the worst in her fiancé Ryan Zeller. Ryan’s rivalry with Porter Gale, owner of Blueberry Hill Farm, spills over into a very public and very ugly fight. And after they compete in the pie-eating contest and a raucous tug of war, their orchard blood feud takes a deadly turn . . .

The death of the king of Blueberry Hill is a shock but not too surprising—he was a diabetic whose last pig out meal was deliciously fatal. But when authorities discover that someone tampered with Porter’s insulin, a tragic accident is looking like murder—and Ryan is the key ingredient. Now Marlee’s investigation to clear his name is taking her deep into the Gale family secrets, and she’s being shadowed every step of the way by a killer whose sweet revenge is just beginning . . .

Includes Berry Recipes!

What I Thought:

This is the third installment in the Betty Basket Mystery Series by Sharon Farrow and it is the second that I have read in the series.  I read the first Dying for Strawberries and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I enjoyed this one even more.  In this book, the town of Oriole Point is celebrating the Blueberry Blowout.  During the tug of war between the fruit growers in the area, Marlee's fiancé, Ryan, gets into an altercation with another local grower, Porter.  Porter is a diabetic and later that night, Porter is on the ride that his family’s farm has sponsored, when he passes away, from what everyone thinks it was just a result of his drinking and being diabetic, but it turns out his insulin had been tampered with.  Ryan becomes the prime suspect.  Marlee wants to believe in Ryan, but she is finding out more and more lies that Ryan is telling her and things he is keeping from her. 


This was a very well written book that kept my attention from the start of the book to the last page.  I really like Marlee and she is a very well-rounded character.  Her fiancé, on the other hand is a little hard to like.  The setting of this series is charming and seems like a place I would like to visit.  I enjoyed the relationship elements in this book.  There were several returning townsfolk to this story and we are also introduced to many new characters in this story.  It was hard to figure out who the killer was, there were some suspects but there were many twists and turns that made me guess as to who the culprit was.  Marlee wants to stay out of the investigation, but when all clues point to Ryan and makes her reassess their relationship, she can't help but become involved.  She also learns more secrets that Ryan has been keeping, that make her question his innocence even more.  She also has a possible new love interest that also muddies the waters for her and Ryan.  The ending of this book was pretty explosive with many things happening and I was honestly shocked by the reveal of the killer. I highly recommend this series.


I received a complimentary copy of this book.



Sharon Farrow is also the co-author of the Agatha nominated Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins Mysteries written under the joint pseudonym D.E. Ireland. A freelance writer since her twenties, she has been published in mystery, fantasy, and romance; one of her short stories has been optioned for film. Sharon currently lives along the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline where the Berry Basket series is set. Visit her online at, on Facebook @SharonFarrowAuthor, or Twitter @SharonFarrowBB.


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