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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Murder for a Rainy Day by Teresa Trent

Murder For A Rainy Day
by Teresa Trent
• Series: Pecan Bayou #6
• Cozy Mystery
  Murder for a Rainy Day
Animal rustling is alive and well in the sleepy little town of Pecan Bayou, Texas–but with a particularly peculiar spin. Only the fake livestock seem to be at risk. First, cowboy legend Charlie Loper’s larger-than-life fiberglass horse disappears from the town square, but before the police can get any solid leads, the cow in front of the local steak house gets pinched.
Betsy Livingston Fitzpatrick, local helpful hints columnist for the Pecan Bayou Gazette, is trying keep her mind off of being nine months pregnant in the blistering Texas summer heat. Troubled by haunting dreams, she pursues the odd animal thefts in a case that soon turns into murder. As Betsy closes in on the killer, a hurricane is headed straight for the Gulf Coast sending spin-off storms and tornadoes to the little town of Pecan Bayou.
“Hunker down” with Betsy and the lovable characters of Pecan Bayou in the latest Betsy Livingston mystery from cozy author Teresa Trent. Recipes and helpful hints included.

My Review:

This is the sixth book in this series, and Betsey seems to always get herself in a pickle, and this time she is pregnant!  This was an entertaining read, as are all of Teresa's Pecan Bayou Series books.  Teresa is an excellent writer who blends humor with a great mystery.  And she includes some really helpful hints and recipes in the back of the books.  If you are looking for a fast entertaining read, that will keep you guessing, then this is the book for you.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

About This Author
 Teresa Trent writes her Pecan Bayou Mystery Series from Houston, Texas.  With a father in the army, her family moved often finally settling in Colorado.  Living in Texas for the last 19 years she loves the people and even the weather.  Murder for a Rainy Day includes a hurricane, and having endured Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Rita with her family, Teresa would much rather write about them than evacuate from them.   Teresa includes Danny, a character with Down Syndrome in her Pecan Bayou family and in real life is the mother of an adult son with Down Syndrome/PDD.  Creating the character of Danny and all of the other inhabitants of Pecan Bayou has been a joy for her.  This book is the last one in the Pecan Bayou Series taking Betsy from single mom to mother of three.  Teresa is now working on her next series that will take place in the Piney Woods of Texas.
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  1. Thank you Melina for being a part of my tour again and for your review! I really appreciate the support you've given me not just for this book but for many others. This is a friendly place to blog hop :} Just wanted to let your readers know that Murder for a Rainy Day is free on Kindle today and tomorrow! Follow the links to pick up a copy!

  2. This is a great series.... I can't wait to read this one!