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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Clothed in Thunder--Vickie Watson

Clothed With Thunder by, Vicki Watson

Vicki Watson  | Sonrise Stable: Clothed With Thunder
ISBN: 978-0-9847242-2-2 | List Price: $9.99 | Format: Paperback | Page Count: 136
This is book 3 in the Sonrise Stables series.
After sitting through a 4-H demonstration on the evolution of the horse, Rosie and Carrie are determined to present the arguments for creation at the club’s next meeting. The demonstration proves harder to put together than they imagined as everyone offers the girls their opinions. The lessons Rosie learns about creation extend into her life in surprising ways as she faces her old adversary, Billy King, who cheated her out of her first trophy with her pony, Scamper.

 My Review:

This is a wonderful series for tween girls.  I have read two books in this series so far.  If you have a tween girl in your life who loves horses and who needs to know more about the love of God, this is a wonderful series for them.  Vickie does a wonderful job writing this in a way that young girls will understand.  I enjoy the stories myself.  I am not a horse rider, but I think horses are beautiful.  This book tackles a tough subject, evolution.  But Vickie does a great job with this topic and explains it in a way that youngsters will understand.  Great job Vickie.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

Author: Vicki Watson | Sonrise Stable Horse Books
About the Author: Vicki Watson
My love of horses began when a teenage neighbor offered me my first ride, on the back of her horse. From my 8-year-old perspective, it seemed like the biggest horse in the world. From that moment on, I was addicted. Horses were to become a very important part of my life, although I never could have imagined, at the time, how much God would teach me about Himself and my relationship to Him through these wonderful animals.
The Sonrise Stable series combines my love of God and horses in stories that I hope will help children learn more about both. I have a vision for ten initial books in the series, taking the main characters through one year. Beyond that I’ll see where God leads me.
I have been blessed with three daughters and homeschooled each of them through high school. I enjoy trail riding my Rocky Mountain mare, Nikki, hiking, photography, and playing guitar. I work from home as a web designer and computer programmer and enjoy the variety and flexibility that allows.
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