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Friday, November 8, 2013

Relative Danger by June Shaw Review and Interview


Book Details:
Title: Relative Danger (A Cealie Gunther Mystery, #1)
Author: June Shaw
Published by Untreed Publishing
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Number of Pages: 256
This is book one in a trilogy featuring widowed Cealie Gunther, who “thinks” she wants to avoid her hunky lover Gil Thurman, but he opens Cajun restaurants wherever she travels — and she is so bad at avoiding tempting dishes and men.
RELATIVE DANGER — Spunky widowed Cealie Gunther is a woman of a certain age whose zeal for adventure keeps her in the thick of things—like trouble. She pops up in town early to watch her motherless granddaughter Kat graduate, only to discover that because of a death—accidental—or murder?—graduation might not take place.
Determined to find the truth, Cealie snags a job as a substitute teacher, exposing much violence, lurking menace and more disturbing questions than answers. The only thing certain is that a killer has decided she and her grandchild need to be expelled—permanently.

My Review:

I liked this story, it wasn't the best I have ever read, but it was okay.  Cealie Gunther is not you typical grandmotherly type.  She has raised her family and now has grandchildren, so she doesn't want to be tied down.  She goes to see her granddaughter, Kat, graduate, but Kat informs her she hasn't been going to school.  A janitor at the school fell from a balcony in the auditorium and murder is suspected.  Kat's favorite teacher is a suspect and Kat doesn't want to go back to school.  Cealie becomes a substitute teacher at the school to see if she can find out what happened.  She meets lots of suspects, but as with cozies, the killer is someone that isn't even suspected.  How Cealie apprehends the murderer is hilarious.  Great job.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

About June Shaw
June Shaw serves her third term as Louisiana’s representative on the board of Mystery Writers of America’s Southwest Chapter. For Romance Writers of America’s South Louisiana Chapter, she is the Published Author Liaison.
She’s written for numerous periodicals and created highly-praised novels, including this first in her cozy mystery series, which Deadly Ink nominated for Best Mystery of the Year.

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1.       When did you start writing?

A.    I started writing short stories and essays after I became widowed with five young children and then completed my college degree and started teaching. I’d wanted to become a novelist for years, but life kept me busy. My children were grown and had started giving me grandbabies before I sold a novel. But I did it! And now I had nine out.

2.       Do you write other books besides mysteries?

A.    I do. While I was completing my third mystery, my eight-year-old granddaughter said, “Granny June, would you please hurry and finish writing that mystery, and write a book with me?” So… Claire and I wrote How to Take Care of Your Pet Ghost, which continues to earn her royalties. My amazing mom passed away, and everyone in town insisted I write a book about her so people could discover how to age so well and with as much fun as she did; thus Nora 102 ½: A Lesson on Aging Well was born. Readers often say it’s the most inspirational book they’ve read in a long time. I’ve done a few books in other genres and having such fun creating all of them.

3.       What are your interests besides writing?

A.    Goodness. First, I love to be with my family and other loved ones. My faith is extremely important, and I love to swim, fish, read, and yell for the N.O. Saints.

4.       What are your future plans as far as writing goes?

A.    I’m putting together plans for a new mystery series. The ideas are percolating very well.

5.       Who are your favorite authors?

A.    So many…. Janet Evanovitch made me decide to create my Cealie Gunther series. I really enjoy Hank Phillippi Ryan’s books and too many mystery authors to name.

6.       What locations do you like to write about?

A.    Places I enjoy visiting. My first Cealie Gunther book takes place in Chicago; the second one is set in Gatlinburg; I needed to work really hard on research while taking an Alaskan cruise for book three.

7.       Where has been your favorite place to travel or vacation?

A.    I liked Maui a lot, especially since my children sent me there for a writers’ conference for a birthday gift! (Be nice to your kids.) I also love the Gatlinburg area.

8.      If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A.    Australia


  1. Sorry I didn't find June's book tour sooner, but I found out about her series today and it sounds like a fun read! Love spunky, older heroines (for some reason!)

  2. Enjoyed the interview and review. Book sounds wonderful. Looking forward to reading it.
    Barbara Thompson