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Monday, July 15, 2013

Review of Florian's Gate by Davis Bunn

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The author of "The Lion of Babylon," "Book of Hours," and "The Sacred Divide "offers a fascinating story blending a family epic with mystery and romance. The Iron Curtain has been torn open, setting Poland on the road to democracy. But can true freedom come to those still bound by tragic memories? When Jeffrey Sinclair begins working in a high-priced London antique shop, he discovers that Alexander Kantor, his enigmatic relative and employer, has a reputation for acquiring priceless antiques under mysterious circumstances. As Jeffrey learns the business and becomes more deeply involved, he discovers that the source of the antiques is not the only secret Alexander has hidden. And Katya Nichols, the woman Jeffrey is coming to love, also has secrets to hide. Her shrouded past acts as a barrier that separates the two of them.Jeffrey's new life takes him to places he had never imagined, to the secret treasure troves of Europe, to poverty-stricken men and women also haunted by the past and hoarding their few valuables. But the journey takes him inward as well, into his own pain and the related wounds of those he loves, a place where only a divine Father can bring hope and light. A family epic blending mystery and romance set in the luxurious trappings of contemporary London and the turbulent economies of Eastern Europe.

My Review:

This book was okay, it is not what I usually read.  It gives a lot of detail about antiques and Poland right after the "iron curtain" was removed.  I didn't know a lot about this time in history, and I found it interesting to read about.  I found this book a little hard for me to understand at times, and for me it was a little tedious also.  Don't get me wrong, it is a good book with a very good faith element to it.  The characters are all likable and their struggles are believable. 

Jeffrey is an American that goes to London to help his relative, Alexander, with his antique business.  He doesn't know a lot about antiques, and know one knows where Alexander gets his antiques from.  Jeffrey hires Katya to help out at the shop and falls in love with her.  Alexander asks Jeffrey to go on a buying quest to Poland, and while there, all three have to confront their demons and learn to turn it over to GOD.

Very well written, but this isn't a fast read and will take a little to work through.  Overall a good job, though.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from for my honest review.


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