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Monday, July 8, 2013

Amanda From Becky Due's Traveling For Love

How Divorce Helped Me Find Happiness
By Amanda from Traveling for Love

Being married to Nick left me believing I was ugly, old, stupid, out of shape and unimportant. I hadn’t achieved anything in my life other than getting married. I didn’t have a fulfilling career, I wasn’t a mother, I didn’t like who I  saw in the mirror and I had nothing to look forward to. Time was passing me by. I assumed I would stay married to Nick, accommodating him, as a good wife should. That would be my one great achievement—supportive wife. I guess I had given up on myself at some point in our marriage.

That day came, when Nick decided he’d had enough of me. He wanted a divorce. I couldn’t believe it. He was all I had; my whole life revolved around him. I was in shock that he would let me go. His life was easy with me. He did whatever he wanted and I rarely argued with him. How could this be happening? I was a good wife, wasn’t I?

I begged him to keep me, how humiliating.

And so, my journey began. When it was clear that our marriage was over, I found a place to live, packed and moved. I had to find a job, but I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living, much less, what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t even know what I liked to do for fun. Suddenly, I had to focus on me for the first time in my life, and I didn’t want to—facing myself was very uncomfortable. Who am I?  

After several months, the pieces to the “Amanda puzzle” started to naturally fall into place, and it was easier than I thought. I guess, deep down, I had a sense of who I was all along, but I had to learn how to honor “her”. I was discovering happiness after years of simply existing.

Though feeling content in almost every way, I was lonely and curious about men. For many years, I had only been with Nick, and I wondered if other men would find me appealing; was I attractive?

As a newly single woman, trying to find my footing in the dating world, an immaturity flooded over me, and I made many valuable mistakes—ridiculous mistakes—I should have known better. I experienced precarious passion, forgettable flings, and ultimately the realization that I wanted to find true love. But how?

Because of my divorce, and with the help of my career, family and friends, I survived the many detours I took along the way to finding myself… and my soul mate.

About the Author:
Becky Due is the new voice of women’s fiction. She has the courage, honesty and writing style for today’s busy women, and she does not cringe away from hard issues. She will leave you feeling strong, self-confident, independent, and in control of your life.
Her books have won, and been finalists in, several independent competitions including the 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards, 2010 Indie Excellence Awards and the 2009 IPPY Awards.
Her novels are not the same story with different characters; she has the ability to cross genres from light-hearted romance to heart-racing suspense to keep her readers entertained and inspired.
Becky has been a guest on national TV and radio programs, and the subject of numerous newspaper and national magazine articles for empowering women with her books. She has served as a guest speaker at Women’s Resource Centers, Shelters, Colleges and High Schools throughout the United States. Becky has had extensive training at Victim Services, worked the 24-Hour Sexual Assault Crisis-Line and was a Victim's Advocate where she offered one-on-one assistance and support to rape victims. In 2007, she started Women Going Forward, the first national women’s telephone support group, which ran for almost two years. After receiving much recognition for her books, Becky’s focus turned back to her writing and empowering women with her novels.
Her latest book is the women’s fiction, Traveling for Love: Searching for Self, Hoping for Love. 
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About the Book:
Amanda's life is suddenly turned upside down when her husband tells her he wants a divorce. She realizes she no longer knows who she is - her life revolved around her husband. At age 40, she finds herself divorced, childless, living in an apartment with a roommate, with little education and no career path. Can Amanda heal her pain and find love again? Will she find the career of her dreams? When will Amanda realize that she deserves to be happy?
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