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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Giveaway and Review of Mitzi Kelly's Deadly Policy


Deadly Policy (A Silver Sleuths Mystery, #2)


When a sudden rash of stolen cars brings Millie Morrow's daughter under suspicion for conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, Millie convinces her two best friends, Trish Anderson and Edna Radcliff, to help her find out who is trying to frame Michelle. Knowing the odds are against them that they will be able to discover who the thugs are, Trish and Edna nevertheless go through the motions of investigating, hoping Millie will feel productive in helping her daughter while the police do the real detective work. But the situation becomes much more serious when a body is found in front of the insurance office Michelle works for. And even though the evidence pointing to an inside job is purely circumstantial, it could still destroy Michelle, something the ladies are determined to prevent. They're going to have to work fast to present a different theory for the police to consider, though, since Millie has once again alienated Henry Espinoza, the chief of police. And she's alienated someone else, too, if the suspicious incidents suddenly plaguing her are anything to go by. Keeping Millie out of trouble while attempting to clear her daughter's name will take every ounce of skill . . . or luck . . . the amateur sleuths possess.

My Review:

I read somewhere the "silver sleuths" being compared to the Golden Girls, well I think that is accurate.  They were a hoot.  They loved each other and were there for each no matter what, but they argued and fussed with each other.  They could fuss at each other, but no one else had better try it. 
In this stroy, Millie's daughter Michelle works at an insurance agency.  Cars that are insured by this agency are being stolen.  So the "Silver Sleuths" are on the case to figure out who is behind this scam.  Along the way, a murder occurs that is tied to the car theft ring.  The "Silver Sleuths" have to solve the crime and apprehend the mastermind behind the theft ring.  This was a great read, very fast and entertaining.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review. 

Mitzi Kelly has many review copies, so she has offered to giveaway one set of books per blog. The giveaway is US only and is for both Classic Revenge and Deadly Policy. Just leave a comment below and I will pick a random winner.  Good Luck.


  1. would love to win the book haven't read any of them yet

  2. I love older sleuths! Would also love to win this book!


  3. I love the older sleuths now that I'm of their age. My maiden name was Morrow so I should fit right into this book!!

  4. Sounds like a fun book. Would love to read it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Thank you, Melina, for hosting the book tour today and for your wonderful review. And to all who have made comments, thank you for your interest in the series. Good luck with Melina's contest!

  6. I'm probably considered to be in the 'Silver' age, and since I love detective/mysteries stories, can't help but think I would fall in love with these 3 sleuths. And having worked at an independent insurance agency several years ago, I will especially enjoy seeing how all the circumstances unfold.