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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review of My Journey Beyond Being Catholic by Connie Limmex

   Connie Limmex
Life Sentence Publishing
116 pp.
Thinking back, I can still remember the particular moment when it occurred to me that although I was a good person, went to church, and didn’t sin much, I was not absolutely sure I was going to heaven. That realization was pivotal in my journey, as I began to allow truth to take root that did not mesh well with otherwise comfortable Catholic religion.

My Review:

This was a very good book, the author took me on a journey of how she accepted Christ as her Savior and in the process GOD told her that the Catholic Church was not where he wanted her.  It was well written and did not try to persuade anyone to leave the Catholic faith.  I’m not Catholic, but I thought this book would be interesting.  The author did not in any way say that the Catholic faith was wrong, and I highly respect that.  The author told of people that helped her along her journey.  She told of her past in the Catholic Church and how she became interested in learning a different faith.  Her paternal grandfather was a Methodist Preacher, but he didn’t really have an impact on her life.  Her grandmother was a good role model, but the author states she wishes her grandmother would have shard more about her faith with her.  She also learned a lot from letters that she found that were from her mother’s brother when he was in WWII.  These letters really impacted her.  She was also greatly impacted by a group of other families that her and her husband would get together with and have “Family Time”.  This was a fast read and I finished in a little over an hour.  I say good job Connie Limmex.
I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review

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