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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Interview with J. B. Miller, author of No Time for Love

Tell us about your novel, No Time For Love:


No Time For Love is a romantic comedy about a young mother who has no time for herself due to her three kid’s crazy schedules, her demanding work as an independent advertising consultant and her less than successful attempts to get into shape.  Her close friend, Trip, who has become part of the family after her husband died unexpectedly, is secretly in love with Chatham. She has no idea. The problem is that there is another very attractive foreigner who just might steal her heart. At some point Chatham has to choose and in that process she faces excitement, adventure, disappointment and, well, the reader will have to read the book to see how it all turns out.


Where did you get your material for No Time For Love?


I have always been told that we should write about what we know, and I know about mother’s secret lives of chaos. When it comes to love, most mothers put that on the back burner too. In No Time For Love, readers can indulge another woman’s chaotic existence and know that not only is their life not so bad, but in the end no matter what life may deal you, love finds a way. I also use locations that are familiar so that I can write with accuracy.


How involved to you get with your writing?


I write as though I am watching a movie. I literally become the characters. I feel them move, know what they think and see their interactions unfold. The movie is basically made in my mind by the time I am done writing.


What other authors do you admire?


I love Nicholas Sparks. He writes from what he knows and in locations where he is familiar. I love how he brings anticipation to his books. While Sparks’ books are dramas and my novel is more comedic in nature, I endeavor to bring forth a sense of desire, urgency and hopefulness in my writing.


What else are you working on now?


I actually just finished a non-fiction book entitled HIRED! Expert Advice From a Leading Wall Street Recruiter. Now you know what I do for my day job.


Why did you write it?


Because I would like to help people get back to work. HIRED! is a very clear and concise guide that will show a person how to put their best foot forward.


Did you ever consider having your main character in your novel be a Recruiter?


I considered it, yet earlier in my career I was in television and I felt that the main character was more akin to that occupation.


Are there any writers that you would consider as mentors?


I have a first cousin who is a best selling author. His books are in every bookstore, airport and big box outlet around the world. I admire him tremendously and am very proud of his accomplishments.


Who is he?


He prefers to keep private so I will just say that he is in the thriller genre.


Do you have a specific writing style?


I believe that we are all so bombarded with demands for our attention that short passages work best. I wanted my story to move along so the chapters are short and the focus is on propelling the action forward.


What book are you reading now? 50 Shades of Gray?


Funny you should mention that book. It is on my bedside but I have only read chapter one. I am finishing up the biography of Steve Jobs and a book a close friend of mine wrote about the Hale Department Store family.


What about your cousin’s books – are you reading those?


Oh, I have read them all. I am actually a character in his first two.


Is there any advice you have for other writers?


Stick with it. See and feel the characters and have fun along the way.


Thank you so much for joining us J.B.

Ladies and gentleman, J.B. Miller, author of ‘No Time For Love.’

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all E-Reading platforms.


About the Author:

J.B. Miller is a published author of fiction, non-fiction, award-winning poetry, music, and numerous articles and blogs. No Time For Love is her first novel. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three children.

Visit her blog at

About the Book:


Chatham Ross has no time – for anything, least of all love. She manages her three kid’s demanding schedules, exercises at crazy hours to preserve her less than perfect figure and writes catchy advertising jingles to pay for the mortgage. To the outside world, she seems to have it all – except for a husband. Who has time for that? Besides, hers died unexpectedly five years ago and she’s still not over it. A chance occurrence with a particular jingle finds Chatham on a bi-coastal roller coaster that she can’t seem to put the breaks on. Will the man who has always secretly loved her finally have his chance to ride along? Or will the very handsome foreigner on the other side of the country claim her wounded heart? At some point she has to choose which path is for her – or has it been there all along?


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