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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review of Susette William's-Maid for Murder-Deadly Business

Maid for Murder – story synopsis
A Clean Investigation
When country girl, Bailey Tucker inherits her grandfather’s maid business, she learns that good help really is hard to find. After running an employee over with the floor cleaner, she ends up covering his evening shift and stumbling across a murder scene. The police find it awfully suspicious that she’s wearing latex gloves. While Bailey is cleared of this double homicide, she can’t help finding body—parts.
Bailey discovers a hand near the dumpster at the funeral parlor. She wishes it was attached to a body, especially a body as handsome as Detective Max Wellington. With help from her employee, Nate, she learns what’s going on behind the scenes when Nate taps into company and home video surveillances. With Nate’s handy computer skills of turning on web cams if a suspect’s computer is connected online, they help Detective Wellington catch a killer . . . maybe even a whole lot more!
An Awful Lot of Motives
As Bailey Tucker discovers more about murdered victim George Thompson, she becomes convinced that if he hadn’t already been dead . . . she would have killed him! Thompson was a womanizer, an opportunist and not afraid to take out the competition—literally.
The question isn’t ‘who wanted him dead’ it’s ‘who didn’t?’
Even though Thompson had been unfaithful, his wife wouldn’t have gotten anything if she divorced him because she signed a prenuptial agreement. His partner had been embezzling from the company. An ex-employee he fired wanted revenge for Thompson stealing the woman of his dreams. And then there’s the business deal that went wrong.
Bailey can’t seem to keep her nose out of a good mystery and with help from Nate she can go where no policeman is allowed. Okay, so it’s not totally legal, but who’s going to tell the police? She doesn’t plan on telling them any more than what direction they can look.
If you wanted to get away with murder, there’d be nothing like having your own crematory to do it in. Lucky for the Westmeister brothers they have this and other valuable tools at hand.
When Bailey stakes out the Westmeister’s funeral parlor, she gets a little too nosey. Should caskets be recycled? The one she finds herself in has been used to transport other bodies before, only they were dead and that’s where she might end up if someone doesn’t save her.
When she finds out what funeral parlor handled her grandfather’s funeral, she can’t help but wonder if there was foul play or if he really did die of natural causes. Especially when the Westmeister brothers imply it isn’t her grandfather’s ashes in the urn.
Detective Max Wellington has his eye on the attractive snoop, even though his boss wants him no where near her so that he doesn’t jeopardize his career or the case. If Bailey turns out to be a part of any of his murder investigations, all of the cases he’s ever worked on could be appealed. But how else can he prove her innocence, other than to keep very close tabs on her. If not for tracking her cars GPS, he might not have known Bailey’s whereabouts. When he finds her abandoned car outside the funeral parlor, he quickly puts two and two together. If not for his intervention, Bailey would have become toast—almost too literal for his liking.
My Review:
I was given a copy of this book by the author for my honest review. 
I love cozy mysteries, and this one did not disappoint me at all.  It left me guessing right up till the end which is what I really like in a mystery.  The heroine was a strong, spunky  Christian woman, but she also realized that with helping out a murder investigation, she would have to do some things she normally wouldn't do, but she still held strong to her values.
Bailey has recently taken over her grandfathers cleaning business, and has a problem with finding dead bodies, or body  parts while on jobs.  She gets to meet Det. Max Wellington because of it.  They have a strong attraction to each other, but Bailey doesn't want to date him because he is not a Christian.  She ends up getting herself in hotwater and he has to rescue her.
I can't wait for the next book in this series, as the author kind of left us hanging as to what will happen with Bailey and Max, she does ask him to go to church with her and he agrees.  Also, there is a question about Bailey's grandfather that needs to be resolved.  But that is a good way to end the book, that way you'll be sure to read the next book.  Great job Susette,  I loved it.  Once I started it, I couldn't hardly put it down.
Where to purchase this wonderful book:  Amazon

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