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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review of Karen Arnpriester's Raider's Vendetta

Charley knew what God wanted from her. She was willing to trust and obey as she protected the others in the bank. Then He would save her from her captor. There was no way she could have anticipated the rage that would be unleashed in response to her prayers and her faith in God.
Raider was desperate, hardened, and his past had set the stage for an insane game of survival and spiritual warfare. The vendetta was in motion and Charley discovered that she needed her God to provide extraordinary miracles to keep her alive.

My Review:

Wow! Everyone, I mean everyone needs to read this book, it is amazing. If you don’t believe in GOD after reading this book, then you never will. Karen did such a good job portraying how a loving GOD protects his children and how he uses even the most unlikely people. When I was given this book to review I was skeptical, because I thought it was something I wouldn't like. Boy, was I wrong!

There was a major plot twist that you didn’t even see coming! I won’t give it away, but it truly shows the power of GOD, and how he works all things for good for those who love him.

This book made me cry, but they really weren’t tears of sadness, they were tears of joy. Tears because GOD came through like he always does, he used people that most people would write off to accomplish his victory of winning souls to him.

This book will definitely stay with me for a long time and it is one that I’m sure I’ll revisit time and again.

I received my copy of this book from the author for my honest review.