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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review of Be-Tween You and GOD Devotions for Girls

This is a devotional geared toward pre-teen and early teen girls.  I asked a girl at my church to look over this book and to give me her opinion, since I don't have a daughter.  She is the daughter of our Pastor and is very faithful.  She told me she really liked the book and that it helped her out a lot.  She doesn't talk a lot, so that is about all I got out of her.

I think this book is great for girls.  It is set up easy for them to understand.  It covers topics that girls struggle with like, I study hard, why don't I get A's and God how will I know the right boy to like?   The answers are easy for the girls to understand.  If I had a daughter, I would definitley give her this book to study.

I recieved my review copy from Tyndale for an honest review.

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