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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review of Cynthia Keller's An Amish Gift


     Picture and Synopsis from Edelweiss:

From the author of An Amish Christmas and A Plain & Fancy Christmas comes this heartwarming holiday tale about a family in crisis that receives an unexpected Christmas gift in the heart of Amish country.
When Shep Davis inherits a house, the family moves to Lancaster County, PA, in hopes of a fresh start. Shep enthusiastically runs his new bicycle shop while wife, Jennie, is torn between being a stay-at-home mom to their two teenagers and finding professional fulfillment for herself. When Jennie begins a friendship with her Amish neighbor, Mary Fischer encourages Jennie to market and sell her delicious homemade candy. While Jennie's candy business takes off, business at Shep's bike shop is less rewarding, and tensions between them resurface. However, the troubled couple set aside their differences when their son's friend, an Amish boy on rumspringa, desperately needs their help. As their Amish neighbors celebrate the return of their son, the Davis family also has reason to rejoice: while finding peace and harmony in their household, they've also rediscovered the meaning of Christmas.

My Review:

I really liked this book a lot.  It is a very fast read, you can easily read it in one day, because it is so well written and flows so well.  It is a great storyline.  I was glad to see a story about people with real problems.  The Davis family has financial problems, but the father, Shep, doesn't want the mother, Jennie, to work.  The kids, Willa and Tim, don't like that they moved.  The family is slowly falling apart.   They meet the Fischer family, their Amish neighbors, and spending time with them changes the Davis' life.  They figure out how much they mean to each other, and come together to provide for the family.  On their second Christmas in Lancaster, they make amends with other members of their family.

This was such a good book.  I absolutely loved it.  Good work Cynthia.  I receieved my review copy from Edelweiss for my honest review.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review of Kelly Long's A Marriage of the Heart

    Picture and Descrption from BookSneeze

Book Description

Three Stories That Share the Adventures of First Love and Second Chances.

A Perfect Secret—Rose Bender’s betrothed, Luke Lantz, is safe and dependable, maybe a little too much so. Or so she thinks until she sees him in the woods one night and discovers a secret he’s been keeping. Now his secret haunts her. She wasn’t sure about marrying a man she knew too well. But should she marry a man she doesn’t understand at all?

Christmas Cradles—When Anna Stolis takes over for her aunt, the local midwife, Christmas night heats up with multiple deliveries, three strangers’ quilts, and unexpected help from the handsome and brooding Asa Lapp.

A Marriage of the Heart—Since her mother’s death, Abigail Kauffman has lived alone with her father. She longs to escape the emptiness of the farmhouse that has never felt like home. Joseph Lambert is a newcomer in their close-knit community. Only after suddenly marrying do they begin to understand the tender truths of life-long love.

My Review:

These were three charming Amish romances.  I think I liked A Perfect Secret the best.

The Perfect Secret--I liked this story because I liked the little bit of mystery as to who the Rob In the Hood was.  I thought Luke and Rose made a great couple.  I like how after Luke told Rose his secrect she made him see that their community would help him.  Great story.

Christmas Cradles--This is the story of Anna and Asa.  Anna is a midwife out  helping her aunt on a snowy 2nd Christmas early morning.  Asa  is sent to take her to the homes where she needs to go.  Both had given up on love, but De Herr had a different plan.  This too was a great story.

A Marriage of the Heart--Abigail lies about Joseph and her father forces him to marry her.  They overcome a lot, but figure out that they truely do love each other.  A story that shows how GOD always comes through and helps you when you need Him most.  Great  story.

All three stories were well written.  Great job Kelly Long.

I recommend this book, it was a very fast read.  I recieved by review copy from BookSneeze for my honest review.

Where to buy this book:  Amazon

Monday, November 26, 2012

Review of Ed Coburn's The Dog Who Ate the Airplane

Product Details   Picture and Synopsis from


Adam Martin Swope was driven out of his beloved Chicago by his self-created but ill-advised celebrity status as a "finder." To avoid the emotional turmoil taking a toll on his psyche, he fled to Cancun, Mexico. Forced back to the United States by the resurgence of his mother's cancer, he decided to take a job as columnist for the Tweet; the newspaper purchased by his long-time friend Larry Archibald in the small West Virginia town of Canary Corners. He moved into the Canary House, an apartment house reputed to have resident ghosts. His next door neighbor Livinia Blossom told him the story of Canary House and introduced him to her grandniece, Marti, who quickly became his semi-constant companion. What Adam didn't realize was how soon his investigative and finder skills would be called into play to solve a murder. He was also unaware of how much assistance his dog Bagel, and the clues he provided, would be during the investigation.

My Review:

I was asked by the author to read this book and give my honest review and he provided me with my copy.

I liked this book, the only bad thing about this book was, I didn't think it had enough mystery in it.  It tells the story of Adam, who is a finder, and his dog Bagel, who also has psychic ability, and how they ended up in West Virginia, and I like how the author portrayed my home state.  The mystery doesn't happen till half way through the book.  You wonder who did it, but there isn't any suspison thrown on any of the characters in the book.  Adam happens on the killer rather quickly.  I like a little bit more who dunit and was it this one or that one, what would be their motives.  Other than that it was a great book.  It was well written and the main character is a very likable, admirable man.  I would like to see more Adam and Bagel books.  Bagel is an amazing dog.  If you like a gentle mystery then this book is for you.  All in all I say good job Ed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review of C. S. Lakin's A Thin Film of Lies

Picture, synopsis and author info from CWA website:

A Thin Film of Lies      The story tells of a homicide detective, Fran Anders, whose next case throws her into the lives of Mike and Alisa Jepson, a couple whose marriage is disintegrating fast. When leads coming into the precinct point at Mike Jepson as guilty of murder, Fran watches the damage wrought on this couple, yet is unable to ignore the incriminating evidence. When Mike ends up arrested and in jail, Alisa takes comfort in a friend—Dee Dee—who moves in with her but soon becomes her worst nightmare. Mike hires a PI who uncovers clues to who is setting Mike up, but Alisa is caught in a trap before Mike can protect her. Although Fran reaches out to Alisa during her crisis of faith, she is unable to stop events from barreling toward a crash. Yet, despite the tragedies to follow, Fran sees how God has used the Jepsons’ trials and pain to bring Alisa back into His arms, with hope that Mike might follow suit.
Fran is a dedicated, no-frills cop who takes her job seriously but with a wry sense of humor. She suffers from the unbearable heat, from unrelenting allergies, but does not suffer fools. As much as she wants to please her superiors, she knows her true boss is—God—and she answers first and foremost to his leading, which sometimes takes her beyond the call of duty, often to the ire of those around her. A middle-aged, divorced, single parent with two teens, Fran hopes someday to find a great man and remarry, but she’s not holding her breath. Right now, she just wants to be a good cop and mother, and use her faith to help those she encounters in her line of work learn there’s someone “up there” who truly cares for them.

My Review:

I thought this book was really great.  It kind of started out slow, but once I got into it, it kept me on the edge of my seat.  A lot of action!  Yes this book kept me wondering throughout as to what was really transpiring, was Mike really having an affair with Libby and did her really run her down with his car?  The author did a great job with the plot of this story.  It had a great message too.  Alisa had to learn to "grope" for GOD and then she started getting her life on track and also GOD uses your darkest trials for good.  I highly recommend this book.  It is a great Christian Suspense story. 

I received a copy of this book for my honest review for the author through Chrisian Women Affiliate.

Author: Susanne Lakin | A Thin Film of Lies

About the Author: Susanne Lakin

C. S. Lakin is a novelist and professional copyeditor who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first four books in her seven-book fantasy series, The Gates of Heaven, have been released (AMG/Living Ink Publishers) and she is also the author of 5 novels of pyschological suspense and YA sci-fi.
Please Note: A Thin Film of Lies is spiritually uplifting but does have some gritty characters. It was written for readers who enjoy mystery/suspense and like relational drama.
Susanne Lakin invites you to visit her at her website or on Twitter.

Where to buy this book:   Barnes and Noble Amazon

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review of Marlayne Giron's In Plain Sight

   In Plain Sight   Picture from Barnes and Noble

About the book:

This is an Amish, paranormal book.  Two seemingly Amish twin brothers, with strange eyes, one with silver, the other gold,  show up at the Esh home asking if they could work for food and shelter.  The Esh's, being the good Amish people they are, take them in.  Strange things have been happening in their community, like crop circles appearing in fields and strange lights.  The Esh family soon finds out that the brothers have something to do with the occurances, as they are not from this world.  But before they realize it, the oldest Esh daughter, Rebeccca has fallen in love with the brother Seth.  At the end they are bombarded by a media circus and there is a surprising ending as to who, and what, the brothers really are.

My Review:

I have wanted to read this book for a while, but I was kind of skeptical of it, I'll admit.  I don't really "get" the paranormal stuff.  But this book is powerful.  Once I started reading and got into it, I was hooked and couldn 't put it down.  Also, who and what the boys are is a startling surprise.  One that maybe people have never considered before.  Even though they are "aliens" it ends up that their King they talk about is the same GOD we worship also, they just haven't progressed as far as we have yet, as they didn't understand about a Saviour. 

Great job Marlayne, you portrayed a very good Christian message with this book, especially as I've seen some authors ciricized for writing a Christian paranormal style book. 

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

View a trailer of the book:

Here is the link on Amazon (available both in ebook and paperback):

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guest Post by Susan Speranza--Author of The Tale of Lucia Grandi: The Early Years

Enrique Iglesias and the Matter of Luck

by Susan Speranza

A friend of mine, a young Spanish teacher named Jule is in love with Enrique Iglesias. She has turned her classroom into a shrine for this singer, much to her students’ amusement. She even named her son’s turtle after her idol.

Needless to say, she makes a great effort to be at all his concerts that are held within a 5 hour driving radius to where she lives. So it was last year she found out he was scheduled to be in Boston and immediately got tickets to attend. But she didn’t want to go alone, so she asked everyone she knew. Of course, few people in her life are as enamored of Enrique as she is and it was a busy time of year. Finally, her sister-n-law, Letty, consented. She likes his music well enough and thought it would be a nice night out for the two of them talking, going to dinner, then seeing the concert.

Jule made sure she wore the appropriate black outfit, because as she explained, the highlight of the concert is when Enrique selects a woman from the crowd, pulls her up on stage with him and sings to her. He always seems to select women who are dressed in shades of black, thus her informal research has indicated. Most of the women in the audience would love to be that woman. When he scans the crowd looking for “his” woman, you can hear shouts that say “Pick me! Pick me!” Jule admits she would love it if he picked her. So she does everything in her power to maximize the odds – she dresses like all the women he seems to pick, she spends large sums of money getting seats up front.

So it was during this particular concert, as the singer scanned the audience for his choice, he bent down, extended his hand a few inches from Jule’s face – and took the hand of her sister-in-law who was right next to her. For the next 20 minutes, Letty sat stunned on stage with the famous singer, his arm around her, his head close to hers as he sang love songs to her and pausing only to ask her questions about her and her life.

While Jule was happy for her sister-in-law, she realized that a once in a lifetime chance eluded her – all because of luck. Maybe Enrique liked the way Letty looked that night, or was dressed – or maybe she was simply more visible than she was. No one will ever know why Letty was selected and Jule was not. Or maybe there was no reason at all – maybe it was all just a matter of luck.

In many ways this is what happens to writers. They spend years writing a book they need to write and are convinced there are readers out there who will like the book well enough to propel it onto the world stage in front of a larger audience. But ultimately it’s a matter of luck whether a writer is “chosen” or not. But like my friend, you have to be at the show in order to be chosen. So if a writer never gets around to writing that masterpiece, there is no hope at all that her work will be “chosen”. But ultimately, it’s a matter of luck. Just like an Enrique concert…

Synopsis from back cover:

When an old woman is asked to recount the story of her life, she tells an intense and poignant tale about growing up in and surviving a warring suburban family during the 1950's and 60's.  Lucia and her siblings are caught in the middle of a lifelong battle between her unhappy, homemaker mother and her father, a manipulative and sometimes violent New York City cop.

Written as a memoir, each chapter describes a particular incident in Lucia's life which shows the constant struggle between her parents and the perverse effect it has on her and the family.  From her complicated and unwanted birth, to her witnessing a suicide at age 3, to her stint as a runaway at age 14, the story progresses to the final crisis where as a young woman, she is turned out of her house and banished from her family forever.

Told in breathtakiningly beautiful prose, this is a powerful and timeless story of a dying woman's courageous attempt to come to terms with the past and the troubled family that dominated it.

My Review:

This was truely a powerful story, it is one that once started you don't want to put down.  The writing flowed so smoothly, and was truely beautiful.  This also is a very touching and emotional story.  Susan makes you feel Lucia's pain.

The story starts out with a young woman going to a nursing home and asking a 110 year old woman to tell her the story of her life.  What unfolds is a mesmerizing and sometimes distrubing account.  It shows the huge differences in society from the 1950's and 60's to present day.  Like how parents treat their children, I'm sure there is still abuse, but now it is reported, and how teachers treat students.  Her parents had wanted a son, so when Lucia was born, they were sorely disappointed and held it against her her whole life.  She never measured up and was always told she was stupid and lazy.  The only one in her life that ever truely loved Lucia was her step-grandfather.  Lucia struggled all her life, and at the end of the book,  is asked to leave her home over something, that nowdays is overlooked.

This a wonderful story, and I'm wondering if there is going to be more to it?

I recieved a copy of this book for my honest review.  This tour was organized by Lightning Book Promotions.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Check out Novel Crossing

Novel Crossings The Intersection of Fiction and Faith:

The place to find your next great Christian Fiction Read. Novel Crossings has launched to everyone on Nov. 12. Check it out: Novel Crossings

Join The  Novel Crossings Street Team.  To sign up follow this link:

Novel Crossing Street Team

Monday, November 12, 2012

Review and Interview with Elaine Cooper Author of Legacy of Deer Run

Synopsis from back cover:
The Year was 1800
A young man makes weapons for the defense of America, still a fledgling nation.  He also protects his heart from the allure of a young woman who seems so far above his station in life that he cannot win her.
The lady fights her own war against loneliness and grief.  Despite her finery and airs, she is drawn to the young armory worker, who is distant yet disarming.
Love is not the only entanglement.  The nation's enemies are afoot.  The creep within the very walls where America's defenses are being forged.  Who are they?  When will they strike?  Who will survive their terriorism?
Intrigue of the heart and intrigue of the times are only part of the compelling story--Book 3 of the Deer Run Saga.  This series finale is a gripping mix of romance and deception,  faith and forgiveness, transgression and trial. 
My Review:
I have not read any books by Elaine Cooper before, but I really enjoyed this one.  It seemed like once I got into the book, I didn't want to put it down.  It was very well written and flowed very well making for any easy read.  Even though I had not read the first two books in the series, I didn't have any trouble figuring out who was who and how everyone was connected.  I found myself rooting for Danny and Susannah to finally figure out that they belonged together.  Then you had Polly and Jonathan.  I so wanted Polly to let Jonathan know of their predicament and by the grace of GOD everything turned out well.  This was a great Christian read, showing how this family always relied on GOD to help them overcome their  problems.  Great job Elaine. 
I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.
Author Bio:
Elaine Marie Cooper is the author of The Road to Deer Run, Finalist (Religious Fiction) 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, The Promise of Deer Run (Romance Winner for 2012 Los Angeles Book Festival) and The Legacy of Deer Run. Cooper's work can also be found in Fighting Fear: Winning the War at Home and I Choose You, a Christmas anthology (December 2012). 
Questions for Elaine Marie Cooper
The Legacy of Deer Run
1.  You are an excellent writer.  How long have you been writing and what are your inspirations?
Thank you so much, Melina. I know you review many books so I feel honored by your words! I started writing when I was a child—it just seemed to be a passion to put my thoughts and ideas down into words on paper. I never pursued writing seriously though until a newspaper editor saw some of my writing efforts and she offered me the opportunity to do feature stories. From there I went on to do magazine freelancing. I started writing my Deer Run Saga five years ago and I'm glad I didn't know how labor-intensive that project would be! But I drew inspiration for the story lines from my own ancestors who lived in Massachusetts during the American Revolution.
2.  I live in a community also called Deer Run.  Where did you come up with that name?
As I struggled with the title of the small village that my characters lived in, I dismissed using the actual names of any town. I saw the name "Deerfield" which is near the setting of the story, and remembered the name of my cousin's street in Massachusetts: Deer Run Lane. I've always loved that name and it seemed like the perfect fit. I think it's so fun that it is the name of your community!
3.  Why did you pick this era of history to wirte about?
Since I grew up in Massachusetts, I was surrounded by the history of the  American Revolution. I was fascinated by the details of the battles as well as the people involved and their desire for freedom from England. When I discovered that one of my own ancestors had been a Redcoat British soldier during the Revolution who married an American farm woman, I was amazed and a bit horrified! LOL! However, the romance of the true tale also captured my heart.
4.  I must admit, I'm not really to familiar with the early American era.  Why did they not celebrate Christmas?
That's OK, I understand! In all my research, I discovered how different life was in each colony or state, depending on the heritage of those who settled there. There were colonies that did celebrate Christmas, especially in the south. But the Puritan beliefs of those who lived in Massachusetts influenced their distrust of the Christmas holiday. They made a HUGE celebration of Thanksgiving, however!
5.  Are your characters based on any one?
Yes, my ancestors! They are the inspiration for the original story in "The Road to Deer Run" as well the main characters in "The Legacy of Deer Run." In "Legacy," I knew from family records that my third great grandfather had worked at the Springfield Armory so my research for the story took me to the Armory itself, as well as the museums in Springfield. It was a long and detailed process to get all the historical details accurate. And the characters just seemed to come alive in the setting!
6.  Do you plan on writing any more books for this series?  I haven't read the first two, but after reading this book, I would like to know more about this family.
Thanks, Melina! For right now, the saga is complete, but I never say never. ;-) I have another historical fiction (a stand alone) being considered for publication and a short historical romance that will release in a Christmas anthology called "I Choose You." (December 2012).
7.  What are your interests besides writing?
I love to visit my triplet grandchildren (age 2) and right now I'm crocheting small afghans for them for Christmas. I also enjoy cross stitch, going to movies that inspire, and reading great books. And the most important interest I have is my family: My husband, two grown sons, and their families. Along with my faith in Jesus, my family makes everything worthwhile.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Blog tour stop for Laura V. Hilton's Healing Love and Giveaway!!

Welcome to the Blog Tour for Healing Love, the first in the new series, The Amish of Webster County, by Laura V. Hilton. To celebrate this tour, Laura is giving away a basket of goodies, on her blog, all comments left on this blog or on her blog during the blog tour (November 1 -22nd) will be entered for the drawing of the Grate-Fall Basket. Click on the picture below to go to Laura's blog to learn more about the participants and to enter the giveaway. Don't forget a comment here also will give you an entry. This book was provided by Whitaker House for review purposes, Blog Tour promoted by LovenGod Promotions


From back cover:

A Midwife with a Major Injury
Life gets a lot harder for Amish midwife Kristi Lapp when a buggy wreck lands her in the hospital and leaves her with a pronounced limp.  Among her biggest concerns is the well-being of her dog, Chinook, as she is no longer able to keep up with the high-energy Siberian Husky.  Adding insult to injury, Krisiti fears she'll never marry for love, for what man would willingly wed a woman who needs help with even the most basic of household tasks?
A Vet with a Void in His Heart
Shane Zimmerman moved to Seymour for a fresh start.  The veterinarian is still reeling from the loss of his wife and his unborn child.  The coroner deemed aneurysm as the cause of death, but Shane still blames the Amish midwife--specifically, the herbal remedies she presribed.
A Difficult Decision to Make
Shane meets Krisit when he discovers her wrecked buggy and takes her to the hospital.  Soon, what started as common courtesy turns into a strong mutual attraction.  Yet the obstacles that bar a relationship between them are many.  Will they find a way to stay together?  Or will their differences prove too divisive to resolve?

My Review:
This is the first book I've read by Laura V. Hilton and I really enjoyed it.  I'm a very huge fan of Amish fiction and this one ranks up there with the best. 
I really feel for Kristi and Shane as they try hard to fight their attraction to each other.  Krisit feels she'll never find someone to love her because of her limp, but Shane loves her despite her injury, but they can't be together because of their cultural differences.  Throw in a hyper Siberian Husky who loves them both, and Shane's pregnant sister, who, by the way, wants Kristi to deliver her baby,  this is a great story.  You have to stay tuned to the next book to find out what happens for sure with Kristi and Shane.
Great job Laura, you did a great job with this story, you definitley leave the reader wanting more.

I received my review copy from Whitaker House for an honest review.  This tour is sponsered by LovenGod Promotions.

From the book:

About the Author
Laura Hilton graduated with a business degree from Ozarks Technical College in Melbourne, Arkansas.  A member of the American Christian FictionWriters, she is a professional book reviewer for the Christian market, with more than a thousand reviews published on the Web.

Healing Love is the first in Laura's second series with Whitaker House, The Amish of Webster County.  Her first series, The Amish of Seymour, included Patchwork Dreams, A Harvest of Hearts, and Promised to Another.  Previously, she published two novels with Treble Heart Books, Hot Chocolate and Shadows of the Past, as well as several devotionals.
Laura and her husband, Steve, have five children, whom Laura homeschools.  The family makes their home in Arkansas.  To learn more about Laura, read her reviews, and find out about her upcoming releases, readers may visit her blog at


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Review of Mona Hodgson's Twice a Bride

  Product Details

About This Book

Love lost doesn’t mean love lost forever.
Can unexpected romance deliver a second chance for two deserving widows?

Full of resolve, young widow Willow Peterson decides to pursue her dreams to be an artist as she settles into a new life in the growing mountain town of Cripple Creek. When she lands a job working as a portrait painter with handsome entrepreneur and photographer Trenton Van Der Veer, the road before Willow seems to be taking a better-than-anticipated turn.

With questions tugging at several hearts in town, including the Sinclair Sisters’ beloved Miss Hattie, change is traveling down the tracks as several unexpected visitors make their way out West. Will the new arrivals threaten the deep family bonds of the Sinclair sisters and the roots of love that are just taking hold for Willow?

Filled with the resonating questions that all women face, this romance awakens hope against grief, love against loss, and dreams against life’s unexpected turns.

My Review:

This is the first book that I've ever read by Mona Hodgson and I really enjoyed it.  I wish I would have read the first three books in the Sinclair Sisters Series first, but I will definitely get to reading them.

This book was the charming story of widow Willow Peterson.  She loves to paint and gets the job as a portrait painter for the new photographer, Trenton Van Der Veer.  They don't really hit it off very well at first, but they learn to respect each other, and that turns into a little more.  The characters in this book are so wonderful.  You finally get to meet the father of the Sinclair Sisters, Harlan.  And he brings a surprise with him from France.  He and Miss Hattie have an altercation at first, but are they destined to be together?  Then you  have the rest of the Sinclair family, and it grows as the story goes along.  I loved the setting of this story as well.  I especially like how this family always relies on GOD and how Willow leds Trenton to realize that he needs GOD in his life.  This book was very well written and I highly recommend it.  Good job Mona.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Mona HodgsonMona Hodgson

Over the last twenty-five years, Mona Hodgson’s publishing credits have grown to include nearly thirty children's books, contributions to more than ten books for adults, and four historical novels, including her debut, Two Brides Too Many in The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Series. Mona is a popular speaker for women's groups, schools, and educators’ and writers’ conferences. She lives in Arizona with her husband and has two daughters and several grandchildren.

Where to buy this book:  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book Distributors

Twice a Bride by Mona Hodgson (Chapter 1 Excerpt)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review of Susette William's-Maid for Murder-Deadly Business

Maid for Murder – story synopsis
A Clean Investigation
When country girl, Bailey Tucker inherits her grandfather’s maid business, she learns that good help really is hard to find. After running an employee over with the floor cleaner, she ends up covering his evening shift and stumbling across a murder scene. The police find it awfully suspicious that she’s wearing latex gloves. While Bailey is cleared of this double homicide, she can’t help finding body—parts.
Bailey discovers a hand near the dumpster at the funeral parlor. She wishes it was attached to a body, especially a body as handsome as Detective Max Wellington. With help from her employee, Nate, she learns what’s going on behind the scenes when Nate taps into company and home video surveillances. With Nate’s handy computer skills of turning on web cams if a suspect’s computer is connected online, they help Detective Wellington catch a killer . . . maybe even a whole lot more!
An Awful Lot of Motives
As Bailey Tucker discovers more about murdered victim George Thompson, she becomes convinced that if he hadn’t already been dead . . . she would have killed him! Thompson was a womanizer, an opportunist and not afraid to take out the competition—literally.
The question isn’t ‘who wanted him dead’ it’s ‘who didn’t?’
Even though Thompson had been unfaithful, his wife wouldn’t have gotten anything if she divorced him because she signed a prenuptial agreement. His partner had been embezzling from the company. An ex-employee he fired wanted revenge for Thompson stealing the woman of his dreams. And then there’s the business deal that went wrong.
Bailey can’t seem to keep her nose out of a good mystery and with help from Nate she can go where no policeman is allowed. Okay, so it’s not totally legal, but who’s going to tell the police? She doesn’t plan on telling them any more than what direction they can look.
If you wanted to get away with murder, there’d be nothing like having your own crematory to do it in. Lucky for the Westmeister brothers they have this and other valuable tools at hand.
When Bailey stakes out the Westmeister’s funeral parlor, she gets a little too nosey. Should caskets be recycled? The one she finds herself in has been used to transport other bodies before, only they were dead and that’s where she might end up if someone doesn’t save her.
When she finds out what funeral parlor handled her grandfather’s funeral, she can’t help but wonder if there was foul play or if he really did die of natural causes. Especially when the Westmeister brothers imply it isn’t her grandfather’s ashes in the urn.
Detective Max Wellington has his eye on the attractive snoop, even though his boss wants him no where near her so that he doesn’t jeopardize his career or the case. If Bailey turns out to be a part of any of his murder investigations, all of the cases he’s ever worked on could be appealed. But how else can he prove her innocence, other than to keep very close tabs on her. If not for tracking her cars GPS, he might not have known Bailey’s whereabouts. When he finds her abandoned car outside the funeral parlor, he quickly puts two and two together. If not for his intervention, Bailey would have become toast—almost too literal for his liking.
My Review:
I was given a copy of this book by the author for my honest review. 
I love cozy mysteries, and this one did not disappoint me at all.  It left me guessing right up till the end which is what I really like in a mystery.  The heroine was a strong, spunky  Christian woman, but she also realized that with helping out a murder investigation, she would have to do some things she normally wouldn't do, but she still held strong to her values.
Bailey has recently taken over her grandfathers cleaning business, and has a problem with finding dead bodies, or body  parts while on jobs.  She gets to meet Det. Max Wellington because of it.  They have a strong attraction to each other, but Bailey doesn't want to date him because he is not a Christian.  She ends up getting herself in hotwater and he has to rescue her.
I can't wait for the next book in this series, as the author kind of left us hanging as to what will happen with Bailey and Max, she does ask him to go to church with her and he agrees.  Also, there is a question about Bailey's grandfather that needs to be resolved.  But that is a good way to end the book, that way you'll be sure to read the next book.  Great job Susette,  I loved it.  Once I started it, I couldn't hardly put it down.
Where to purchase this wonderful book:  Amazon

Monday, November 5, 2012

Review of Sonrise Stables-Carrie and Bandit by Vicki Watson

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Carrie and Bandit continues where Rosie and Scamper left off.
Carrie can't believe it—she has a horse of her own and is only weeks away from being adopted by the most loving family she's ever known. But Bandit is harder to manage than she first imagined—and the adoption might not go as smoothly as she thought either. When a bad decision jeopardizes everything, Carrie learns what it means to be forgiven and truly loved.

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book.  It is geared for young girls, but I think anyone could enjoy this.  It is a charming story of a youg girl who is being adopted into a loving Christian family.  This family has a love of horses, as does Carrie, the girl being adopted.  Carrie has some pitfalls in this story, but finds out that her new family loves her no matter what.  After her adoption, Carrie,  Rosie, mom and grandma, Carries's new family, go on a trail ride.  Grandma and her horse get into an accident, but alas all will be well with a little time.

This is a great series to reinforce to young girls the importance of GOD's love and the love of family.  Anyone who has a love of horses will enjoy this book.  Great job Vicki Watson, keep up the good work.  Can't wait to read the next book in this series.

About the Author: Vicki Watson
My love of horses began when a teenage neighbor offered me my first ride, on the back of her horse. From my 8-year-old perspective, it seemed like the biggest horse in the world. From that moment on, I was addicted. Horses were to become a very important part of my life, although I never could have imagined, at the time, how much God would teach me about Himself and my relationship to Him through these wonderful animals.
The Sonrise Stable series combines my love of God and horses in stories that I hope will help children learn more about both. I have a vision for ten initial books in the series, taking the main characters through one year. Beyond that I'll see where God leads me.
I have been blessed with three daughters and homeschooled each of them through high school. I enjoy trail riding my Rocky Mountain mare, Nikki, hiking, photography, and playing guitar. I work from home as a and computer programmer and enjoy the variety and flexibility that allows.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review of Be-Tween You and GOD Devotions for Girls

This is a devotional geared toward pre-teen and early teen girls.  I asked a girl at my church to look over this book and to give me her opinion, since I don't have a daughter.  She is the daughter of our Pastor and is very faithful.  She told me she really liked the book and that it helped her out a lot.  She doesn't talk a lot, so that is about all I got out of her.

I think this book is great for girls.  It is set up easy for them to understand.  It covers topics that girls struggle with like, I study hard, why don't I get A's and God how will I know the right boy to like?   The answers are easy for the girls to understand.  If I had a daughter, I would definitley give her this book to study.

I recieved my review copy from Tyndale for an honest review.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review of A Marriage Carol by Chris Fabry and Gary D Chapman

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On Christmas Eve twenty years earlier, Marlee and Jacob were married in a snowstorm. This Christmas Eve, they are ready to quit, divorce is imminent. Their relationship is as icy as the road they're traveling and as blocked with troubles as the piling snow. They take a shortcut to get to the lawyer's office, on a slippery, no-fault path. She thinks they need to stay on the main road. He disagrees. They fight. Story of their lives and they slam into a bank of snow , spinning, drifting, falling, out of control. Just like their lives. Reluctantly, freezing cold, hungry, scared, she trudges up the hill. Jacob is nowhere to be found. Her ears frozen, fingers and hands red, she comes to a house on the hillside, built like a Bed and Breakfast, a green wreath on the red door and the door-knocker is in the shape of a wedding ring.

The red door opens and the first thing she notices is the fire in the room, blazing hot, a warm, inviting, friendly place and the voice of an old man welcomes her in. There are three golden pots on the hearth, shining, glimmering things. The old man claims that they are used to restore marriages. She laughs-and begins a journey through her past, present, and future that will test how she views her lifelong love. There are two futures available. Which will she choose?

My Review:

Let me just say, I love Christmas stories, but this one was different.  It is a depiction of  A Christmas Carol story, but instead of ghosts visiting Marlee, she is sees her past, present, and future in three gold pots.  It starts out with Jacob and Marlee Ebenezer, notice the names, on their way to their lawyers office on Christmas Eve.  It is snowing and Jacob decides to take a short cut, which Marlee advises against.  They end up in an accident.  When Marlee wakes up, Jacob is no where to be found, so she sets out and finds a house.  An older man answers the door.   He tells her the house used to be a funeral home then a couples retreat.  He gets her warm and goes out to find Jacob.  He comes back, not being able to find him.  There are three pots on the hearth and Marlee asks what they are.  He explains they help couples restore their marriage.  He tells Marlee to go out and get some snow and put in the first one.  What ensues as Marlee puts snow in each pot is her being able to she the past, present and future of her life.  After Jay, the old man, goes back out to find Jacob, Marlee ventures upstairs and meets someone who helps her make a very important decision.

Alas, Marlee wakes up in the hospital, but was it all really a dream.  This will be a great book for couples who are struggling in their marriage, but it is so charming that anyone would benefit from reading it.  Too bad we really can't see how decisions we make affect everyone in our lives.  This book makes you think about decisions you make and if they were right or not.

I received a complimentary copy for review from Moody Publishers.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review of Karen Arnpriester's Raider's Vendetta

Charley knew what God wanted from her. She was willing to trust and obey as she protected the others in the bank. Then He would save her from her captor. There was no way she could have anticipated the rage that would be unleashed in response to her prayers and her faith in God.
Raider was desperate, hardened, and his past had set the stage for an insane game of survival and spiritual warfare. The vendetta was in motion and Charley discovered that she needed her God to provide extraordinary miracles to keep her alive.

My Review:

Wow! Everyone, I mean everyone needs to read this book, it is amazing. If you don’t believe in GOD after reading this book, then you never will. Karen did such a good job portraying how a loving GOD protects his children and how he uses even the most unlikely people. When I was given this book to review I was skeptical, because I thought it was something I wouldn't like. Boy, was I wrong!

There was a major plot twist that you didn’t even see coming! I won’t give it away, but it truly shows the power of GOD, and how he works all things for good for those who love him.

This book made me cry, but they really weren’t tears of sadness, they were tears of joy. Tears because GOD came through like he always does, he used people that most people would write off to accomplish his victory of winning souls to him.

This book will definitely stay with me for a long time and it is one that I’m sure I’ll revisit time and again.

I received my copy of this book from the author for my honest review.