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Friday, September 28, 2012

Review--A Christmas Romance At A Dickens on Main.

Christmas Romance at Dickens on Main
Three wonderful Christmas Novellas

Where’s The Dickens? By Teresa Lilly
When Rachel attends the Annual Dickens on Main event in Boerne, Texas, she is surprised and pleased to end up sharing the weekend with Charlie, a handsome Houston newspaper reporter, who wants to write about the event as seen through Rachel’s eyes. As their relationship grows, Rachel wonders if Charlie is the man God has prepared for her future, until she discovers that he may be a thief. Can Rachel unravel the truth before the weekend is over and Charlie goes home not only with the stolen Dickens collectible, but her heart as well?

Unexpected Love by Paula Mowery
A missing millionaire's son sets the detective team of Kirsten and Chad into action. Every clue turns up nothing until Kirsten takes a much-needed get-away only to discover a lead in the case. As Chad joins Kirsten in Boerne, Texas to investigate, he finds his interests turned towards Kirsten rather than on the case. As Kirsten and Chad search for clues, they enjoy the Dickens on Main event together more than they had planned, but the question is: will they find the missing millionaire’s son and will they discover something most unexpected in the process?

A Time for Christmas by Stephanie Guerrero
Love is the last thing on FBI Agent “Wolf” Davis’ mind. On leave for Christmas, he wants nothing more exciting than to sink his teeth into some good German pastry and enjoy the Dickens on Main event in his hometown of Boerne, Texas. When his partner, Angelika Muller, shows up with the terrifying news that terrorist sleeper cells are targeting small town celebrations nationwide; and Boerne, Texas is at the top of their list, they must pose as a couple for the weekend. Can four days possibly be enough to unmask a mole, stop a terrorist, protect the President-elect, and forge a love that goes deeper than partnership? Only time will tell, and for Gabe and Angelika: the clock is ticking.
My Review:
I was asked by Stephanie Guerrero to read and review this book and she provided me with my copy. 
I love Christmas stories.  They always leave a warm fuzzy feeling with me.  This anthology was no exception.  I really enjoyed each story.
The first story, Where's the Dickens, was a sweet and charming love story.  It told the most about the Dickens on Main fesitival.  Teresa did a good job with the descriptions of the places and events.  This is a festival that I would one day like to visit.
The second story, A Time for Love, had a lot of action.  It was about two FBI agents who have been partners for a while, but decide to explore their relationship a little more while they are on assignment at the Festival.  I also enjoyed this story.
The third story, Unexpected Love, is about a Detective and his assistant who have been friends for a long time.  They decide to explore their relationship more at the festival also.  They have a little bit of a bumpy road to travel before they get their happy ending though. 
All in all this anthology was good and I would recommend it.